Dimensions 70×180 cm

100% cotton

The story of the Muhu sea blanket is like a rare treasure that has washed ashore. Namely, the language of the birds and the flowers, as well as animal ornamentation, were more often embroidered or woven into a wrap or sõba than images of ships and anchors. Therefore, I was very surprised when I discovered four anchors on a Muhu blanket created by our foremothers. From now on, the four anchors will tell the stories of the sea as part of the Muhu sea blanket created from Ella’s Scarf. They will symbolize the beautiful, real-life stories of the sea that provided coastal peoples with sustenance and also took their lives.
The stories related to the development of the wraps and scarves are filled with interesting tales about symbols and their methods of creation. Interesting facts are also related to the colours. The blue and black in the sea blanket of Ella’s Scarf conveys important meanings that are deeply connected to Muhu island. The sea blue that appears on the Muhu sea blanket was a very unusual colour at the time. Although many plants have blue blossoms, there are few plants from which a blue colour for dying wool can be produced. In Estonia, as well in the rest of Europe, there basically one plant from which blue dye could easily be made in ancient times – the woad. And Muhu island was one of the few places where this rare plant grew. However, the colour black was gifted to us by Mother Nature by sowing blackish juniper berries on Muhu island.