Ellu Scarves are decorated with Estonia’s beloved patterns, based on the wisdom and skills of our foremothers. By wearing an Ell’s scarf, we are making a great contribution to the preservation and introduction of our roots, and are honouring our cultural heritage. I hope that the creation of Ell’s scarves will help to pass down the beauty created by our foremothers and their profound folk wisdom to many, many more generations.’

Ellu Scarf was created in 2010, and has helped bring patterns from Estonian folk costumes into the present day, as well as revived the tradition of a wearing a wrap or sõba. According to traditional beliefs, the patterns protected, sustained and adorned the wearer. A sõba was an important element of our festive national costumes, and it was treasured and handed down from generation to generation.
The patterns collected from various places in Estonia have been updated. And in collaboration with famous Estonian artists, designers and master craftspeople, contemporary collections are being born.

Besides the wraps, blankets, bed covers, soft pillows and baby blankets have also woven with love and care. Inspiration has also been gleaned from traditional Norwegian and Swedish patterns, and products to pay tribute to our neighbours across the sea have been produced in collaboration with Nordic designers.
Let a warm hug from this beautiful area in the form of a sõba be a reminder of the beauty and charm of our land! Read some interesting stories about these traditional wraps at www.ellusallid.ee

Helen Vaks